20 years have passed since the release of the first Tamagotchi. This incredible phenomenon is now ready to spread love to a whole new generation of fans on a new platform. Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced the brand new free-to-play mobile game My Tamagotchi Forever. Developed by Paladin Studios, My Tamagotchi Forever will be ready to hatch in 2018*.

Enter a very special contest today for a chance to become the inspiration for a Brand New Tamagotchi character which will be added to the game for everyone to enjoy! The winner will be selected at random. It could be you! Register here to join. 

Since Tamagotchi’s first instalment a lot of elements have evolved to take advantage of new technology. My Tamagotchi Forever will feature some of the classic as well as brand new game modes. The first introduction is Tamatown, a joyful town where all your Tamagotchi characters will live. This colourful place is where you can customise and collect new elements to have even more fun with your teeny tiny characters.

-Along with the addition of Tamatown, there will be a lot more to experience in My Tamagotchi Forever:

-Raise your Tamagotchi characters making sure you feed, wash, clean up and turn the lights out for a good night sleep keeping them happy and healthy.

-Have fun with your Tamagotchi characters playing mini-games and explore Tamatown together. Make friends with other Tamagotchi characters along the way.

-Evolve your Tamagotchi characters from one type to another depending on how you care for them. You never know who they might become next!

-Collect memorable moments shared with your Tamagotchi characters and the friendly town citizens.

-Share your favourite moments with your friends.

-Tickle your Tamagotchi characters. They love it!

-Earn coins by playing mini-games and levelling up!

-Unlock delicious food, cute costumes, and colourful items to decorate Tamatown.

-Compare your progression and Tamagotchi raising skills with your friends!

*The soft launch has started in Canada


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