Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has announced Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as the final name for the previously announced Dragon Ball Game – Project Z.

Arriving in early 2020 for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC; This an all-new Action RPG that will take players on the most accurate, dramatic, and epic telling of the Dragon Ball Z canon storyline – the story of Kakarot, the Saiyan better known as Goku.

Developed in Japan by video game developer, CyberConnect2; the game tells the legendary story of Dragon Ball Z, taking players on an unforgettable adventure to experience over-the-top battles and challenging quests while creating life-long friendships as they crusade to protect Earth from fearsome villains.

Check out some choice images from the trailer below:

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Additionally, DBZ: Kakarot will also present resolutions to long unanswered questions from the Dragon Ball Z storyline through light-hearted side quests.

DBZ: Kakarot will be on display in the Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. booth during E3 2019, located at booth #1647 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Centre from the now through to the 13th so if you happen to be at E3 2019 head out and check it out.

It seems somewhat underwhelming but hopefully, I’m wrong.

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