After the blockbuster announcement of Tales of Vesperia coming to the West in its definitive edition early next year, everyone was riding high. Now in news that will make you go hurrah producer Yusuke Tomizawa has announced a new addition to the ‘Tales of’ series is currently in development.

Name that Tale

Fans of the legendary ‘Tales of’ series have been spoilt recently with the announcement of not only this upcoming title but another title coming to mobile devices, Tales of Crestoria.

If that isn’t enough Bandai Namco are also planning to remake/remaster several of the previous iterations.

Tomizawa was quoted as saying in Weekly Famitsu that Bandai Namco is “planning Tales of series remasters and remakes based on [fan] requests”.

I personally can’t believe that we’re getting all this news about the ‘Tales of’ series. A new console title, remakes/remasters, and a free to play mobile game? Is this too much? Not at all. I can’t wait to pick up and play every single one of these titles. If I personally had to pick another ‘Tales of’ game to remaster and bring to current consoles I would want Tales of the Abyss. The opening in that game is maybe the best in the series and that is a high bar.

So how excited are you about this announcement and if you have a ‘Tales of’ game you’d want to be brought to a current console let us know in the comments below 😉

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