Bandai Namco Entertainment UK has announced that New GUNDAM BREAKER, the latest game of the iconic mecha franchise will be available on PC from the 25th of September.

PC players will finally be able to build their own Gunpla and experience the thrill of the large-scale robot warfare. The PC version will include all current PS4 updates (up to patch v1.04). Additionally, players will also be able to fight with their favourite Gundam in two brand new battlefields: The Class Room and The Student Boardroom.

Customisation is one of the main features of New GUNDAM BREAKER, as players have the opportunity to create, style and then use their own Gundam models based on their favourite Mechs. Bandai Namco Europe has also announced that all the future DLCs will be free of charge. Making this the perfect game to build your dream Gunpla, personalise it and jump into epic battles

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I personally haven’t played New GUNDAM BREAKER but building a custom Gundam sounds like a hell of a time and with the various mods that could potentially come to this game my imagination is going wild.

I’d love to combine Gundam Barbatos with something like Wing Zero because giving Barbatos with wings would be terrifying.

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