There was one question I had when I finished Marvel’s Spider-Man. This lingering thought stayed with me and it irked me. With all these wonderful suits where, oh where was the iconic, the legendary symbiote suit?

Well, it seems I was not the only person to ask this question. To ponder where the sexy suit was. Nope, when asked during an interview creative director Bryan Intihar teased the potential of symbiote storyline in a sequel.

SPOILERS AHEAD spidey fans

With the secret ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man fans were teased the imminent arrival of a symbiote-powered Harry Osborn. Kept locked away by Norman who is trying to cure him of a disease that took Harry’s mother.

This is a fascinating twist on the saga of the symbiote. It is something of a combination of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book run and the Ultimate Spider-Man television series. In the comic, the symbiote suit was designed to destroy cancer like a “venom” to disease. It bonded with Peter and through his unique genetics, it became sentient and well, evil. In the television series, Harry is the first wielder of the Venom mantle. This was another twist given to the Spider-Man mythos.

The combination of these two storylines could be something brilliant. I can already see how Peter becomes a monster as the symbiote suit brings out his darkest desires and emotions. As we know he suffers quite a lot in Marvel’s Spider-Man and this could be a brilliant and thrilling way to follow up the emotional rollercoaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man plot.

Let us know in the comments below how excited you are for this potential sequel and where you’d like the writers to take this particular Spider-Man next.

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