Greetings, bean fans. The Blunderdome Construction Crew have invited us all to a dimension-hopping extravaganza featuring special guests… Ratchet and Clank! Insomniac Games and Mediatonichave partnered up to send Ratchet and Clank through separate rifts – straight into the wonderful world of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

This galactic crossover will be the first in a series of Limited Time Events for Fall Guys. This means a whole new way to earn points and unlock unique cosmetic rewards through special themed Challenges – a totally fresh feature for Season 5! Since they’ve got to get back to saving their world, Ratchet and Clank will only be around for a limited time. A rocket-load of interdimensional treats will be falling into Fall Guys alongside our heroes. So what’s up for grabs? We’re talking exclusive Ratchet and Clank banners, patterns, emotes and even costumes!

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Ratchet Limited-Time Event will be available until the 1st of August

The Ratchet Limited-Time Event brings a whole week of special Challenges issued by the galaxy’s most heroic Lombax, with the chance to unlock…

  • Ratchet Banner: 600 points
  • Lombax Pattern: 1000 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Lower): 1600 points
  • Groovitron Emote: 2000 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Upper): 3200 points

Clank Limited-Time Event is set to stumble on the 6th – 15th of August

Clank brings a new set of Challenges and oodles of exclusive futuristic rewards for players to get their hands on, featuring…

  • Clank Banner: 600 points
  • Clank Pattern: 1000 points
  • Clank Costume (Lower): 1600 points
  • Clank’s Laugh Emote: 2000 points
  • Clank Costume (Upper): 3200 points

If a player competes in both events, they’ll receive an extra-special piece of loot: A banner featuring Rivet, a new Lombax Resistance fighter! Because it would be rude not to invite our latest interdimensional hero to the party, right?

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