The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, the survival sim brought to us by Fredbear Games is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. A hugely popular game that has won awards this is an intriguing game with a minimalist art style. Check out the initial launch trailer below.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is inspired by the likes of Kingdom and Alto’s Adventure. An indie survival simulation which players must build, craft and battle in order to survive and thrive. The harsh winter climate comes with no mercy and players must do all they can to prepare beforehand. Use your daytime effectively, manage workers, gather resources and prepare for the monsters that attack at night in the dark. Progress through the game to unlock more advanced buildings and crafting abilities. Including trading and discovering hidden secrets throughout the game. 

Adding role-playing mechanics with survival mechanics to make for a great survival game. Encouraging players to fully think through their actions and strategise. Exploring a diverse fantasy world unlocking all the hidden mysterious beneath the snow.

Making choices along that way that hold heavy consequences. Use your resources to hire more farmers or instead choose more guards for protection. Each choice and each strategy employed could mean safety or destruction. The choices you make are with you for the rest of your playthrough. 

Look forward to working towards survival when The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands heads to the Nintendo Switch. For more updates stay tuned to GamEir and check out our Facebook page for everything gaming!

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