Glyph - A Relaxing Journey Through A Desolate Land
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At an initial look at Glyph, it’s easy to assume that it’s just a Super Monkey Ball style game.  It’s got the mechanical ball and similar level designs. However, you’ll soon notice some major things that set it apart. You’ll quickly come to terms and realise that rolling isn’t just done on the ground. Air time is an integral part of this charming puzzle adventure. 

Glyph, Duck, Dodge & Roll

Glyph is set in a desolate and barren desert. Playing as a mechanical scarab by the name of Glyph you are tasked with restoring an ancient city. Venturing out into the different levels and bit by bit restoring the city by collecting and unlocking items. These items are what restore the hub city you come back to time and again. Delving deeper into the mysterious corruption that plagues the ancient city. 

Upon booting up your adventure you’re given a quick crash course on the controls. Teaching you what you can and can’t roll on. Glyph has the ability to jump, bounce, climb and briefly glide once his wings open up. The latter mechanic is what I assume is the inspiration behind a mechanic rolling scarab. You’ll learn to use the massive air time to your advantage and appreciate it more and more as a result of you struggling to find safe surfaces to land on. 

Roll On The Fun

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If you want to just fly through the main storyline it can be done quick enough. But, if you decide to look in every nook and cranny for the collectables this will certainly add time to the game. And the best part, every collectable you pick up is saved straight away even if you die right after. In other words, this can be a godsend at times as the game uses a one-hit death system. 

Glyph uses a non-linear playthrough structure which is great because it forces you to find your own way. And if you get stuck on a particular level you can always go back and try a different level. Using resources you would have likely collected on the way. It’ll take plenty of hours to unlock, complete and collect everything but just a fraction of the resources will still be able to progress you to the game’s finale. 

In conclusion, the Glyph experience is a relaxed and easy-going one. The soothing soundtrack no doubt has a part to play in this. The game mostly uses hazards to increase difficulty but I would have appreciated seeing some enemies being added into the mix. It would have made my play more creatively and less systematically. That being said I did have a good time with the Boss at the end of my experience, thus I would have enjoyed a lot more of that.

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