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2020 brought a lot with it, and one of those things was Warhammer Underworlds: OnlineWarhammer has been around since 1983, it’s no surprise that there’s now a digital version.

For those of you who may not know, Warhammer is a tabletop miniature wargame with a medieval fantasy theme that simulates battles between armies from different factions. players use miniature models to represent warriors.

A standard playing field is a model battlefield comprising models of buildings, trees, hills, and other terrain features. It’s turn-based, with model warriors moved across the playing field to simulate a battle. Fight outcomes between models are determined by dice rolls and arithmetic. Though the gameplay is mostly based on medieval warfare, it incorporates fantasy elements such as wizards, dragons, and magical spells. It’s one of those ultimate nerd things I wish my brain worked with. I’m good with words, not numbers.

So, what is the online game?

Warhammer Underworlds: Online pits mighty warbands against one another in an eternal battle for glory in the realms of the Age of Sigmar. Choose a Warband, build your decks and carve a path to victory using dice-and-card mechanics that offer boundless strategic depth. Six warbands battle it out for survival while trapped within the towering spires of the Mirrored City of Shadespire. Through playing matches, cosmetic content can be earned. The game also boasts a lot of (paid) DLC.

Underworlds run down

As far as graphics go, Warhammer Underworlds: Online has pretty standard graphics for this type of game. It’s nothing phenomenal, but it’s nowhere near bad. It’s a pretty nice style. It also works. Gameplay-wise, again I feel is pretty standard. The turn-based format in-game is round based, with activation and power phases. Dice rolls are randomized. The activation phase is where players can move their minis. Cards can be played during the power phase.

The issues I faced with the actual game were to do with load times and matchmaking. Both of these were very noticeably slow. Matchmaking can very much depend on the time of day and how many active players there are. Slow matchmaking can happen. The general load times of the game, I feel, can be improved upon. Something I did enjoy is the fact that there are tutorials. These are very helpful.

Final thoughts

Here’s the thing though, I did not enjoy this game. Now, this is not because it’s a bad game. Warhammer Underworlds: Online was just not my type of game. I know many people who would enjoy it.

For my own personal tastes, the matches are too slow. They’re very drawn out, and honestly, I was bored. Please don’t get me wrong. This is all very much my own opinion. However, many people will love this game, its mechanics and fundamentals. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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