After the huge success of esports at Dublin Games (Now European Games) events last year, European Games Week (EGW) has announced the continuing support of its lead sponsor

This year will boast one of Ireland’s largest ever gathering of esports professionals from competitors to industry professionals from around the world. The European Games Week will host 4 tournaments with production experts Raid Studios this year and sponsored by

Sign Ups are now open and will remain open until the 24th of May. Each tournament will host the best production available for our local/national and international competitors. The competitive games announced are:

  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six Seige
  • Hearthstone
  • Rocket League

Each game will have a dedicated prize-pool and also a scaling prize-pool which will be boosted by sponsorship and ticket sales. A minimum guarantee of €1,500.00 per team is also in place making it one of the biggest esports tournaments of the year.

The esports tournaments will take place as online qualifiers between the 31st May and the June 21st (Depending on the game). From that, the finalists will be awarded entry to European Games Week between 6th & 7th of July at the RDS and the chance to compete for the European Esports Championship Trophy and cash prize.

Along with the competitive event, European Games Week will host a 2-day industry summit with one room dedicated to esports. Attracting leaders in the field of esports from Ireland/UK/Europe and the United States.

Each talk will present a unique look on the industry, how to get involved and ultimately how to become prosperous in the esports scene. Along with this will also be esports workshops to help delve in deeper with hands-on experience to what makes esports so big.

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When EGW asked why they are leading the charge in esports support in Ireland they had this to say:
When did you first sponsor esports in Ireland and with whom?

It all started when our Managing Director came across RAID on the internet in 2017. We got in touch with them and a partnership emerged that allowed us to know and understand much more of the market here in Ireland. 

What leads to that decision?

We are part of the Hungry Group which is based in Denmark. Over there, they are all game savvy and involved in Esports sponsorships for a while. So it was always on the radar, firstly because we identify with the public a lot! and we know that ordering food is “part of the routine”. And secondly, because we are completely aware of the magnitude that the market is taking and we want to be part of it!

How has presenting yourself in that space been received?

As I mentioned before, the link is almost natural and as we want to engage in a genuine way, the public has received us very well and with that, the business opportunities only increase as well!

Why do you continue to support esports in Ireland?

Marvin will become THE CHOICE among the players in Ireland, and to get there we have to be present! I think the approach is pretty much the same, we are taking seriously the idea to take over the games scene, but having fun at the same time, enjoying as they do when playing or working to developing a new game for example.

Why are you supporting EGW?

Being part of the DGF (Dublin Games Festival) last year was a success and showed us the potential of the event for this year. We know EGW is the place to be, the team behind it knows exactly what to do, puts us in front of people who matter to Marvin and our goals.

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