Fans of League of Legends will be delighted to hear that Riot games plan to return to the PROJECT universe. PROJECT: Bastion is due to run from May 27th straight through till June 28th. Players must band together in their factions to face off against a new threat. Riot Games assures us that the PROGRAM virus threat will be promising new content to sink our teeth into. 

PROJECT: Bastion will run across patches 11.11, 11.12 and 11.13. This will include seven new skins to acquire. A return of the Nexus Blitz to the game mode. And, if you’ve signed on for the event pass you’ll receive new borders, loot, icons, and emotes. This update will include one unannounced Prestige Edition for a classic PROJECT skin, releasing during patch 11.13 for 100 Prestige Points.

For the full list of skin available in this update see below:

PROJECT: Mordekaiser, PROJECT: Renekton, PROJECT: Sylas, PROJECT: Sejuani, PROJECT: Senna, PROJECT: Varus, and PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition.

And if that wasn’t enough. You can find a full run-through of each skin at this handy link provided by Riot Games. Better get ready to grind your way to some new legendary skins.

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