The UK and Ireland’s longest-standing esports tournament, the ESL Premiership, has announced the renewal of Intel’s support as headline sponsor for the 2021 Year of competition. Along with the addition of the Premiership’s first mobile title, League of Legends: Wild Rift, VALORANT will be joining the roster of titles for this season.

Being operated under the ESL Premiership banner, the VALORANT UK&I Skirmish – Powered by Intel, will see the first instance of organised VALORANT play for the local office. This one-off tournament will include open qualifiers and an eight-team round-robin group stage. This will see two groups compete to qualify for a position in the playoffs. On Saturday the 26th of June, qualified teams will begin their bracket run to be crowned champions. These contenders will lay claim to the £10,000 prize pool.

Throughout the Premiership and VALORANT UK&I Skirmish, the Intel #PREMVP will highlight exceptional play for individual players. We’ll also get a peek behind the curtain to listen in to players during their matches with the Intel Team Comms.

“It’s been exciting to see the tremendous growth of the Valorant community over the past 12 months. We’re delighted to support its inclusion in the ESL Premiership alongside League of Legends: Wild Rift, with both games promising to make this an impressive season for fans and competitors. Through organizations like ESL, Intel remains committed to supporting esports at both grassroots and professional levels.” – Mark Walton, EMEA Graphics and Gaming Comms Manager

20 years of ESL

ESL is currently celebrating their 20th Year of Esports. This celebration caps off a long history of creating experiences for gamers. Through Intel’s tenure as the longest-running sponsor of the ESL Premiership, they continue to demonstrate their dedication to growing domestic competition.

“Intel continues to be an instrumental partner of the Premiership. They have been critical in allowing us to bring these brand new titles and communities together. I cannot wait for the Skirmish to kick off next month.” – Dan Ellis, Partnerships Director, ESL UK

Open qualifiers take place on Monday the 31st of May and Tuesday the 2nd of June. Signups are live right now at and

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