Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER coming soon

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER, the narrative point-and-click adventure from developer MidBoss and publisher Chorus Worldwide, harnesses psychic abilities in a new trailer announcing a 2023 release window. ...
Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 is ready to kick off

Blood Bowl returns, on February 23rd with a third title in the series. Developed by Cyanide Studios, and Incorporating the latest rules from Games Workshop's tabletop version. Blood Bowl 3 will be bigger, mean...
Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes – no weak links here

Welcome everyone to 2023. I hope you had a wonderful send-off for 2022. I sure did, especially when it came to the games I played, in particular the title I am discussing in this review. Chained Echoes is a ph...