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Not For Broadcast VR is an unusual game. On the surface, it looks like a fun, throwaway Job Simulator type simulation with added Full Motion Video. However, as this game will teach you, don’t believe everything you see. There is much, much, more underneath the surface.

You are in control of a newsroom production desk and are tasked to run a half-hour-long news show. In order to do so, you need to change the different camera angles, censor out swearwords, ensure the signal is synced up and various other menial tasks. Doing a good job will see the audience figures soar, doing a bad job will see them plummet.

So far, so normal.

Television: The Drug of a Nation

What sets this game apart from other similar VR titles is the undertone. You not only produce the news, but you can shape the news to suit your own agenda. With every decision you make, you can choose how the news is framed. Whether it is by picking alternate camera angles to make a guest or host look bad, or by censoring out key points to change the context of an interview, you are the gatekeeper to what the audience sees. You can choose to be politically dishonest to increase ratings or you can try to broadcast the truth and run the risk of governmental interference.

The footage you are working with is full of biting satire and wickedly dark humour. It doesn’t shy away from pretty strong topics either. There are episodes which touch on stories that include COVID-19 like pandemics, the rise of the Far-Right/Far-Left and even bullying and domestic violence.

Remarkably, considering the subject matter, none of it seems gratuitous and it all fits in with the game’s politically charged tone.

Have I Got News for You?

Gameplay-wise, it can get quite chaotic. It’s not as simple as just pushing a couple of buttons. When something can possibly go wrong, it does, and you have to act immediately and in real-time. Balancing the sound levels, the camera angles, the narrative, choosing and timing the adverts and putting out fires (sometimes literally) all at the same time is ridiculously stressful.

Changing how the world sees the news also changes the world around you. Your work-life decisions impact the world and in return, change your home life. In between shows, you need to make some life-altering choices regarding your personal circumstances. Instead of sitting at your workstation, you make these choices via text selection. It’s a welcome break from the pandemonium of the news desk.

Some episodes are more enjoyable than others. Sometimes you might find yourself wishing that an episode will just end so you can cover a different story. And the fact that each episode is over 30 mins, it can feel like a slog. But even within those episodes, there is plenty to do to keep you busy.

There is a good 10+ hours in the game with plenty of different ending scenarios so there is a replayability aspect to it.

Visually, it works well. The graphics are nothing to write home about but the aesthetic of the newsroom fits in well with the grainy FMV and captures the essence of the game well. The FMV is plentiful, with hours upon hours of footage filmed.

And Finally…

Is Not For Broadcast VR fun? I don’t really know to be honest. This game can be draining; physically and mentally. But it is compelling. Calling it “fun” would be doing it a disservice.

The humour varies from subtle and dark to cheesy and slapstick, the acting is purposely hammy and the gameplay can be frustrating but for some reason, it works.

If you are looking for a Job Simulator experience, you will be sorely disappointed. If you have an interest in politics and social manipulation, you will be enthralled. It’s like an interactive version of the satirical television programme BrassEye.

Not For Broadcast VR is an unusual game that will have a very niche audience. I loved it.

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