Finalists of UK’s national school esports tournament set to clash as part of London Games Festival in the Overwatch Battlefield!

Ukie’s Digital Schoolhouse powered by PlayStation, has announced that the grand finale of its third national esports tournament will once again be hosted at the Gfinity Esports Arena in Fulham as part of the London Games Festival on the 10th of April. Participants will battle it out via the hugely popular game Overwatch.

This year’s tournament has seen a significantly greater turnout from schools and colleges around the UK than ever before, with 3,500 young people taking part. Regional qualifiers were held at locations ranging from Bristol to Craigavon throughout March, in which students took on roles of players, shoutcasters, event producers and other duties under the keen guidance of games industry professionals, effectively making the tournament, not just a competitive event, but an immersive careers experience.

The finale is expected to draw a wide range of high profile guests and spectators from across participating schools, the games industry and the political landscape, with matches, also broadcast on video streaming platform Twitch. Students will have the opportunity to converse with experienced video games professionals, broadening horizons and highlighting career growth opportunities as part of a truly unique educational experience.

The finalists include:

Only W! – Woking High School
Matador Gamers – Marling School
Resurrection – De Salle College
Crosshairs – Coventry College
Unconfirmed – NE Futures UTC
Scorpions – King Edward IV School
Bohunt School Worthing – Bohunt School Worthing

“Gfinity’s support in lending its state-of-the-art facilities in west London, as well as it’s leading production skills and stellar reputation as the UK’s home of esports, has been a huge boon to the tournament,” said Shahneila Saeed, Programme Director for Digital Schoolhouse and Head of Education at Ukie. “Part of what makes the tournament so special is bringing a high-quality educational experience to all involved and Gfinity plays a massive role in making that happen. Being part of the London Games Festival’s catalogue of events is also really exciting and further imbues proceedings with a real sense of progression as we become part of the fabric of the UK’s games industry.”

“We are proud to extend our strong relationship as hosts of the Digital Schoolhouse Esports Tournament Finale and play our part in showcasing the exciting opportunities the games industry offers to the next generation of industry professionals,” said Garry Cook, Executive Chairman at Gfinity. “Gfinity is renowned for its best-in-class production and tournament operations and we look forward to making stars of our guests who, for one day, will experience the excitement and adrenaline of the esports professional when they step foot inside the Gfinity Esports Arena.”

Studies have shown that taking part in the Digital Schoolhouse esports tournament directly empowers young people and boosts their career aspirations, with 88 percent of players saying taking part made them more interested in a games industry career and 94 percent saying they were more now interested in studying Computing and computing subjects.

The finale will be part of the 2019 London Games Festival, which is comprised of a series of events showcasing London and the UK’s globally-lauded games industry. Other events taking place include EGX Rezzed at Tobacco Docks, Now Play This at Somerset House and a cosplay parade through the capital, all backed by the Mayor of London, who over the last three years has provided £1.2 million of funding to the festival.

Watch the Overwatch Digital Schoolhouse Esports Tournament finale live at

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