Alder’s Blood

Alder’s Blood, the game whose Kickstarter campaign we’ve recently covered, is nearing the end of its funding period.

The game, a tactical turn-based RPG is set in a fantastical Victorian-era city and features monster hunting of the werewolf variety. Promising players the chance to control a team of monster hunters in a city besieged by the damned seems a pretty cool premise. But little media exposure(except us!) and a fairly short campaign period means Alder’s Blood to date has raised less than half its goal. With the closing date of March 15th around the corner developers, Shockwork Games have released 2 playable demos recently to possibly garner more interest.

A demo for non-backing public is available here,, while a second more extensive demo is available to campaign backers. Both demos are pre-Alpha so expect them to be very rough around the edges.

Features of Alder’s Blood that are visible is the demos are:

  • A 2D world map to launch missions from
  • Missions are on a 3d battle map with a hex environment
  • Teams of four hunters are available
  • Two hunters are deployed on most missions
  • Players can equip their hunters how they see fit
  • Missions types in the demo are reconnaissance and guerrilla operations

Shockwork Games have released a host of pre-Alpha media content for viewing, with the heavy Bloodborne influence being clear throughout. Having played the demo myself I can say the atmosphere is soup-like throughout and the premise itself remains an exciting one; turn-based strategy Bloodborne, what’s not to like?

Here’s hoping the team at Shockwork Games reach their target before the 15th March closing date. Otherwise, we may lose out on a possible sleeper hit for strategy fans out there. For an inside view on development to date, watch the video below, and for all other things gaming, check out GamEir.




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