Alder’s Blood, being developed by Shockwork Games has been live on Kickstarter since the 14th of February and is slated for release in March 2019. The team, based in Poland, describe the game as a “Child of XCOM and Bloodborne that was raised by Darkest Dungeon”.

Of course its the nature of a developer to lend itself to hyperbole, but fans of any of these franchises could do well to pay attention to this new IP. Promising tactical turn-based combat on a Hex based map, Alder’s Blood will have objective based missions for the player to think, fight and survive their way through.

The setting is of a Dark Fantasy Victorian nature. Bloodborne fans will immediately recognize the dank and oppressive undertones. In a world shrouded in a “Darkness”, the player takes control of a team of hunters, fighting off the onslaught of beasts from the last remaining human city.   Mission objectives will include eliminating the enemies, stealing an item, and escorting or defending civilians, as well as further mission types to be named in the future. Movement and combat will be based on an Action Point system, each character will have 2 movement points at the start of each turn, so can choose to move and attack, or move twice and so on.

Alder's Blood Kickstarter

As it stands the game is solely being developed for PC, with the team focusing on a Steam release, with the possibility of a console release to follow.

With a fairly modest campaign goal of $60,000 (€42k approx.), backers can contribute to getting any of the following:

15 USD(12 Euro)

  • Digital Copy of the Game
  • “Thank you” in credits
  • Ringtones for you phone
  • Avatars for Social Media
  • Banners for Social Media

25 USD(20 Euro)

  • All of the Above plus…
  • An EXTRA Digital Copy of the game for a friend
  • This pledge is limited to 30 places!

30 USD(24 Euro)

  • As the 15 USD pledge plus…
  • Access to Secret Founders Forum
  • Digital Interactive Map

60 USD(49 Euro)

  • As Above Plus…
  • Beta Access
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Alder’s Blood Wallpapers

100 USD(81 Euro)

  • As Above Plus…
  • Digital Game Manual
  • Alpha Access

120 USD(97 Euro)

  • As Above Plus…
  • The Almanach – A Digital Story of the Games Development

200 USD(162 Euro)

  • As Above Plus…
  • Your Own Event! You will literally get to design your own in game event, awesome!

300 USD(244 Euro)

  • As Above Plus…
  • Hunter Skin Designer – Design a skin for your own for one of the Hunters!

400 USD(325 Euro)

  • As Above Plus…
  • Your Own NPC! You’ll get your own in-game neutral NPC!

If any or all of this sounds inviting, head on over to the Official Kickstarter Campaign and pledge a goal!




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