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The Horror Queen has come out of hiding! Today, I’m stepping back from my usual in-depth(ish) review style to visit a game called Hell Warders! Hell Warders comes to us from Anti-Gravity Game Studio. This game got its first release on PC with an early access phase back in 2017, with a full release in 2019. Now, I was originally set to play this on PlayStation 4, but my PS4 went bye-bye… RIP. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Switch (all hail the holy Sloths), so I grabbed Hell Warders on there!

So, what is Hell Warders?

This is indeed another indie game. I have a thing for those. Hell Warders is a third-person action RPG and tower defence game. It can be played as single-player, or as a co-op. Through the use of units, and upgrades, players go up against waves of various demons.

Here’s the thing: I honestly can’t tell if there is a story to this game. Upon loading up, the same cutscene plays before going into the main menu, which introduces the titular team of hell warders. Normally, I would complain about this. I LIVE for a good story. But with Hell Warders, it just… works.

That’s why this piece is more of a quick look. There isn’t anything I can actually go in-depth on here. Above all, Hell Warders is a fun little hack and slash. The controls are a tad awkward, but I feel like that is more a case of getting used to it. Most of the games I play are first-person, and I am much more adjusted to that.

Quick Critique

The one thing I do dislike is the camera movements. It feels a tad too sensitive and doesn’t always move the way I want it to. For what it is, I also wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the price. I did get this on sale for €6.00, down from €15.00. Let me break down how I judge game prices real quick. If every euro spent equals an hour of gameplay, will I get X hours out of this game?

Don’t get me wrong, Hell Warders is a fun little game. I just personally can’t imagine myself putting more than 5 or 6 hours total into this. Guaranteed, there are people out there who could probably get HUNDREDS of hours out of this. I’m just not one of them. It’s nice to chill out in little bursts with this game, but not to dedicate hours of my life to!

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