Chapter 2: Fractioned sandbox

Right, and we are back on with Anthem. I receive missions to collect certain materials. This introduces the free play mechanic. So I jump into my Javelin and ignite those boosters. Still feels amazing and to me is one of the selling points. If you ever wanted to feel like Ironman, this is the game for you.

I open the map and am unsure why a dungeon I visited during a mission is marked as a hidden place. Seeing that it is shown on the map kind of misses the point of being a hidden place. I chart it down as another one of those weird wordings BioWare chose. Still, get annoyed by the button being marked as “skip” instead of “next”.

I am on the lookout for embers to get the forge going and bump into the Anthem version of a Gorilla. Here the poor AI development is shown the most obvious way. All it took to this beast down was enough ammo and circling. The attacks of this beast also were way too slow to cause any kind of threat. Or maybe I am just that good?

Sleighed the beast and found the embers. Back to the hub. I choose the forge as my entry point. Server crash. 2nd time this happened when choosing the forge. Back to Shoppo Shoppington the prosperous shopkeeper and crafting has been unlocked. Nothing there that would merit wasting materials or going out to find materials. I am sure this may change sooner rather than later.

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Ok, enough procrastination. Back onto the main mission track. I need to find and save another NPC. Odd bit of cutscenes, which includes the Javelin sneaking. Cannot imagine it being quiet. Good that I did not choose the Colossus or else it would look ridiculous. The NPC, which sounds a like Daisy Ridley, gets killed by faceless bad guys leader. He says he will put me in the ground. The irony that we already are in an underground cavern does not escape me.

Phew, I made it out alive, but I know that I am going to have to go deeper underground, to quote Jamiroquai.

Back at Tarsis, I unlock the door to another area. Seeing that I learned that there are things to collect to expand upon the story, the first thing I do is gather all things up. Next, I head to the bar. There I am greeted by Fixit Felix, but he looks like Luke Skywalker cosplayer. Some casting decisions are maybe attached to “big” names but break the immersion completely. Oh well, just another day as a freelancer.

What awaits on day number 3 of Anthem?

Who knows, but I plan on finding out. Steve, signing out!

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