Top hat? Check. Aviators? Check. Generals tunic with unearned medals? Double check. Time to head to back to Tropico and build a socialist paradise for the future! Albeit a future where my reign is for life, protesters will be arrested on sight, and most islanders will struggle along in abject poverty. But I’m going to build a hell of a palace I’ll tell you that much. It’s Tropico on Android!

Feral Interactive have just announced the September 5th release of Tropico on Android. Originally published by Kalypso, Feral Interactive have previously ported the game to iOS. And in another piece of good news, this release will remain free of in-app purchases. Meaning when you buy Tropico on Android, you gain access to all its lovely paradise crafting features, with no pay-to-win mechanics! Huzzah!

As El Presidente, leader of the resource-rich Caribbean island nation of Tropico, players will build their island’s infrastructure and manage its economy while balancing the demands of its numerous political factions. By directing every aspect of island life, players can transform Tropico into an industrial powerhouse, a tourist paradise, a police state, or all three!

All Hail El Presidente!

There’s a short announcement trailer for Tropico on Android below. It captures the fun, colorful and sometimes zany spirit of Tropico quite well, all to a backdrop of the games (possibly) best feature: the music! Doubt me you may, but there hasn’t been a Tropican among us that didn’t feel the catchy Caribbean beats stir their soul while playing this wonderful city builder.

For those of you unfamiliar with the franchise, it’s now in it’s 6th title on PC and console. The series is characterized by it’s charming take on dictator driven dystopias, and light-hearted look at libertarian life. As “El Presidente”, you will balance favour with world powers, manage relationships with local political and religious groups, and try to stay one step ahead of those blasted rebels. Who, for some reason, just can’t grasp the benevolence of your rule. And it’s all set to those catchy Caribbean beats, maravilloso!

Tropico on Android promises full optimization for touch screen. Feral have attempted to maintain the easy-to-navigate UI associated with the series. The game will require 2.5GB of space, and Android 8 or later to play. You can check a list of officially supported devices here. Tropico will release on Android on September 5th for £11.99/$11.99/€12.99, and is available to pre-order on the Play Store now.

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