Port Royale 4 has just received a massive content haul as developer Gaming Minds Studios release their biggest update yet. The update weighs in at just under 500mb, and brings with it a huge number of improvements, fixes and features. The free update includes player-created nations, deadlier and more intense naval combat and a variety of game-altering events. All of these dramatically improve the game and deepen the player’s quest for booty and trade supremacy on the Caribbean.

With the new update, independence has arrived in Port Royale 4. Upon achieving certain conditions, players can now succeed from their parent nation (France, Spain, England or the Netherlands). Once independence has been declared, players can opt for a new name for their sovereignty. Updates can be made to their flags. If desired, players can even start a war with their former ruler.

The update also introduces ‘economic shocks’ – optional in-game events which can have positive or negative outcomes and significantly impact how a player builds their trade empire. Through this, players can trigger events such as a plague of locusts. The production of a player’s grain and corn can also be reduced.  And lets not forget the alcohol demand due to a church’s desire for a dry county. Don’t let Jack Sparrow hear about a dry county!

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