On the bus back from Body & Soul this weekend, I had the pleasure of reading an article on gaming-themed candles. It reminded me of that wonderful thing, cleanliness and nice smells, that so often we lack when we spend a weekend in a field with cans of Tuborg – or, as many of us also do when we have a nice gaming session that maybe goes on a bit too long. Well, Big Boss Battle, in the article linked above, compiled some of the strongest products out there for adding a touch of class to your games room, and maybe even deeper immersion into the game itself. Treat yourself to a gamer’s heaven, thanks to the broadening range of cosmetics made available by online shopping.

Now, one has to be pretty discerning with scented candles. Too light, and you may as well have bought any candle, scent or not. Too heavy though, and you may find your head is spinning and it has nothing to do with how many times you’ve had to respawn and bashed your head with the controller in frustration.

The one I want the most is the Hyrulian Forest. It sounds relatively subtle, with ‘notes of crushed leaves, fresh mint, and refreshing eucalyptus,’ but also immersive. This Zelda-themed candle is versatile and would make a gorgeous accompaniment to tramping through the forest in anything from Far Cry to Pokémon. It is also hand-made and vegan, so it is in line with most ethical shoppers’ values.

The second most desirable product that Big Boss Battle showcase are these Destiny 2 candles. I say this grudgingly, believe me, as I have grown a deep resentment of the Destiny franchise due to it having captivated many of my pals to the point where they wouldn’t leave the house. But I think if Destiny fans won’t leave the house, at least this beautiful little multipack of candles will bring some reminders of the outside world to even the most inhabited of living rooms. Read the page’s description of how each candle corresponds to either the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus or the Dreadnaught. They’re an official Bungie product and the design on the candle glasses are perfectly adapted to the game’s aesthetic.

This article led me to look up what other cosmetics are available for you to treat yourself or a loved one to. Etsy is, as always, a goldmine. Check out these Playstation controller bath bombs (just don’t confuse them with the real ones you spent 50 quid on). These exquisitely scented candles come with a free Legend of Zelda charm. Or up your bath game with Pokemon bath bombs that each come with a hidden toy that reveals itself as the bomb dissolves (let’s hope these free gifts aren’t too small or pointy or this bath could get very unpleasant). And, of course, on Pinterest, we have bath bob-ombs.

These adorable and impressive homages to virtual worlds have set my imagination on fire. What about a Napalm-scented perfume that comes in a Nuka-Cola bottle that looks a bit battered and bruised a la Fallout? Or tumble down to Rapture’s depths with a “Would you Candle-y” that smells of old gin, viscera, and neglected child-monsters? A high-tech lighting piece called a Mario Kandle which changes colour and scent-based of what character is in the lead in your Mario Kart round? OR! Mortal Kandle, in which two candles with an overpowering smell compete to see which one will make you pass out. How about a new Sims expansion, The Sims 4: Smellin’ About, where the box contains a disc with 20 new cosmetic-based items for the game and comes with 2 free real-life, plumbob-shaped perfumes?

Alright, I’d better give this a rest before you realise how far down the path of madness I have gone, being deprived of a shower for three days during the festival. But! I want to hear about products or cosmetics that you have gotten, or gifted someone, along these lines! What are your favourite websites or sellers for personalised gaming merchandise? Or, if you ARE a maker of gaming-related arts, crafts, or cosmetics get in touch! We would love to hear about your work.

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