Talented developer 3rd Pinnacle Games LLC developers of Super Bit Adventure: Paragons of Life has released “A New Path” update just in time for the Steam Summer Sale! Get Super Bit Adventure: Paragons of Life for a reduced price and enjoy all the new goodies that this update brings.

– New Paragon Talent System
– New Achievements (that can also unlock new talent trees)
– New Paragons
– New Items
– New HARD MODE (this mode is not for the feint of heart)

What you need to know about Super Bit Adventure: Paragons of Life

Talent System: The new talent system will give you greater control over how you play the game. Mix and match talents and unlock new talent trees with the achievement system! Will you focus your efforts on melee paragons? Or put forth all your strength into magic? You choose!

Achievements: Unlock achievements as you play the game! These can also grant you new powers!

New Paragons: Over 25 new paragons! Can you find them all?

New Items: New items to go along with the new treasure system! Find powerful artifacts that will unleash destruction on your enemies!

The Paragons: These are the adventurers that have come before you, each with their own strength, abilities, and agendas. Find and seek the ones most suitable to your play style. Swap between them during battle and utilize their abilities to lay waste to your enemies.

The Prison: Once a prison for monsters that roamed the land, it has undergone a change in management. Battle through static floors and memorize the right path to continue your adventure once you have fallen.

Super Bit Adventure: Paragons of Life is an action-adventure rogue-lite where you take on the role of a mysterious hero that survived a battle inside of a magical prison. Enter the prison and discover what happened on that fateful day and collect the powers of fallen adventurers along the way. Utilize their powers and slaughter the hordes of monsters that stand between you and the truth. It launched onto the Steam Store on February 27, 2018, and is available now for a reduced price during the Steam Summer Sale.

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