Steam Summer Sale!

There are currently 18 games on my Steam wish list. Which is fine, because I know I can’t afford them all. So every so often I just have a glance at the list, and check if any of them have that tell-tale green “On Sale” box around the pricing. Then, and only then, will I consider buying any of them. But there’s only one problem with this system. You see, any minute now, they’re all gonna turn green. And that means one thing: It’s the Steam Summer Sale! May God have mercy on my soul… Because my wallet belongs to Valve.

We can wax lyrical about E3, or Games Done Quick, or PC Gamer Con all we want. But there is one binding agent above all others in the PC games calendar, and that’s the Steam Summer Sale. Every PC gamer will be talking about it for its duration; typically two weeks. From daily deals to developer deals, to franchise deals, to deal deals. “What are buying?”, “What did you get?”, “Whats up at the minute?”, “75 % off!!??, F**king Yes!”.


There is a new addition to Steam software that may aid you in your Steam Summer Sale budgeting. A new tool has launched this week that allows you to see exactly how much you’ve spent on Steam. Might be a good thing. Most likely it’ll be a very bad thing. I’m not so sure I want to know to be honest. Probably could have paid off my mortgage by now with that money. There are similar tools, such as Steam Calculator, but this new one is official Steam software, and it details precisely your money spent, not simply the worth of your library.

Steam Summer SaleBy the time you’re reading this, the sale will most likely be live. Unconfirmed (but we kinda know they’re accurate) reports indicate 6 pm GMT launch. Just in time to finish your dinner, sit down with a cuppa, and spend your kid’s inheritance buying all the wonderful games. You and I know both know we can never play, let alone finish most of these games. But therein is the little white lie we must tell ourselves. “Oh yeah, ill definitely find time to play that one… Too good of an offer to pass up really.”


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