Eitr has been an indie game in my horizon for a while now. Watching the trailer at E3 a couple of years back I remember being fascinated by the look of old Norse mythology. Sort of like a dark Asgard. An interesting mix of action, adventure and RPG is what the Steam description lists. Being developed by Eneme Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital, Eitr is still dragging us along with no release date. Both Steam and GOG have a TBA listed. Maybe we will hear something from them soon.

The Plot

Eitr sets you out as a fir maiden who is to have here fate determined by the three fate-weaving Norms and their sacred loom, whatever that is. However, none other than Loki the god of mischief interferes to ruin the day. Altering the maiden’s path and enveloping her world in darkness. You as the maiden will have to venture into the nine Norse relam’s all connected by the mythical tree known as Yggdrasil and fight off the darkness.

As can be seen in the video above Eitr seems to show off an interesting combat style with fierce looking enemies. I’m really looking forward to exploring the world of Eitr and seeing what this RPG has to offer. The six-minute video below shows off quite a lot of the game play. Hopefully the RPG elements get quite in depth with a nice selecting of swords, shield and play style to choose from. But one can only hope for now.

What was interesting for me about Eitr was the name. Upon looking deeper into the developer log of the game you can see the name Eitr comes from Norse mythology and is a black poison that infects and corrupts whoever and whatever it encounters. It’ll be interesting to see how Loki comes into play with this. It’ll be even more interesting to see someone other than Thor deal with it. So maybe expect to find out more on this when we all get our hands on it.

Being inspired by Dark Souls and Diablo, Eitr shows promise in the atmosphere they have built in their isometric world. Certainly looking forward to finding out more. So stay tuned for a release date.

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