Tunic, which was previously called Secret Legend, puts you in the shoes of a Link inspired fox. Not going to lie, even as dude I think he’s cute looking. The gameplay trailer shows off some fast-paced sword and dodge mechanics.

Set in an isometric world with action and adventure it seems to be heavily inspired by the Zelda and Dark Souls games. The main character, a fox, carries a little sword, green tunic, and a shield. So yes, basically cosplaying Link. What’s the plot? Who knows? All I know is, it looks nice and I want it.

With vibrant colours and a 3D graphic art style Tunic looks fantastic. It displays an interesting use of soft lighting and basic geometric shapes that convey a massive amount of personality. From listening to the developer interviews, we can see that they do indeed take a lot of inspiration from Zelda. Making your way through the countryside breaking pots, opening chests and exploring. What more could a fellow indie game lover want?

When is Tunic out?

Currently slated to release on Xbox One and PC on Steam, Tunic still has no release date. Originally being showed off in 2017 and then making an appearance in the 2018 Microsoft E3 conference. But I’m sure that whenever the game does come out it will be a hit. No one spends this long on a game without doing it right.

It genuinely pleases me to see when developers take their time with a game and making sure they are relatively happy with all aspects of a game before they bring it out. Everyone remembers a poor release tainted with bugs, but few remember if a great game is delayed.

The game seems to be developed by a single person, Andrew Shouldice and is being published by Finji. So, we look forward to hearing more from them both.  If you’re interested in finding out more check out the developer commentary below.

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