Sandyford venture will provide intensive education for creators of interactive entertainment.

Skill Boost, providers of technical training for digital entertainment, has announced the availability of their new course, Game Development for Beginners. This course is intended to introduce complete beginners to the Unity game engine and will be conducted by qualified trainers on the 12th of January at the Q House Building in Sandyford from 10am-4pm. Speaking from the training facility,

Skill Boost co-founder Paul O’Carroll said, “Ireland has an international reputation for creativity and fun, and we’re delighted to help bring these qualities to the fastest growing entertainment medium in the world – video games. New developers often have brilliant ideas, but find the process of learning how to use the tools of production daunting. With laser focus and a great student-to-teacher ratio, we can overcome that speed bump together!”

  •  Q House in Sandyford was built in 2008 and the Skill Boost suite comes equipped
    with twelve state of the art desktop computers with all relevant software installed.
  •  Skill Boost tutorials are lead by QQI qualified trainers who relevant practical industry
    experience in the topics they are teaching.
  •  Skill Boost focuses on intensive teaching of specific skillsets per course (eg. writing
    shaders, sculpting fur, rigging and animating 3D tools etc), not on broad ‘game
    development’ curriculums.

What you need to know about Skill Boost: Skill Boost is a technical training venture based in Sandyford, Dublin. Founded in 2018, Skill Boost provides a wide range of training for the production of interactive entertainment, delivered by experienced tutors at state of the art facilities in Sandyford.

This is fantastic news and I’m personally looking forward to this. There are many that try to gain access to this level of tech to learn and better themselves and the team behind this should be praised. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be heading along to this later in January? Check out the link here to learn more and Happy New Year.

And welcome back to GamEir in 2019. Did you miss us? 😉

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