A Review in Progress: Pixel Game Maker MV
3.5Overall Score

Pixel Game Maker MV is a game development tool listed on steam. This software allows you to create and design your own game without the need for any programming. Developed by Kadokawa Corporation and published by PLAYISM. Pixel Game Maker MV aims to make the game development easy. I’m not quite sure it achieves that goal. However, I do still see some potential.

Over the years I’ve used a number of game development tools such as Unity, Game Maker Studio and Gadot. I’m fully aware that game development is no easy task to undertake. So when Pixel Game Maker MV sets out the goal of making games easy, it’s a tough goal to achieve. I wouldn’t say that one tool is the best out of all of the above referenced. What I would say is that depending on what you want your final outcome to be and what your current skill level is should determine your selected tool. For example, if you have no programming skills then Game Maker MV is a great place to start.

Creativity and Caveats of Pixel Game Maker MV

Pixel Game Maker MV allows you to use drag and drop functionality to program logic into your game. This sounds great and easy, right? Well, it does come with a bit of a caveat. When I first booted up Pixel Game Maker MV I was overwhelmed and baffled with all the options there. The UI didn’t seem as informative as you’d like for it to be. I was delighted to find out there was a built-in tutorial feature to help you set up and develop your first game. From what I experienced was depending on your screen size this tutorial can be all over the place. Also for a tutorial, it still can be quite vague at times.

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I do applaud Pixel Game Maker MV for starting working on this tutorial. I’m used to looking up YouTube videos or pulling up the massive manual. So it was refreshing to see another approach to the education technique. Although the game has plenty of work to do on this tutorial before it is considered user-friendly. But there is plenty of potential there to grow into some great.

Another great aspect of the game if you’re new to game development is the preloaded sprites library. For anyone that doesn’t know, sprites are the images you give to your characters, objects and pretty much any image in your game. Pixel art can be quite time draining so having a library to pull assets from is a great advantage. Not many game development tools offer this.

The Sum Up

While Pixel Game Maker MV is great for easy development and basic logic commands. If you’re creative and decide to build your own physics, for example, you won’t be able to go further than what it has to offer. So to sum up every game development tool is useful depending on your project and skills.

However, it’s up to you try them all and see what works for you. This tool is definitely worth try. While there’s no programming it still does a learning code. Though not as intense as learning code of course. Overall I recommend booting up Game Maker MV and giving it a blast. You never know, you may have made the next Stardew Valley. To get you inspired here’s a list of games made using Game Maker MV or you can check out the video below.

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