Autonauts just hit steam and released a brand new trailer for the game. The trailer features some heavily autotune sounding effects while explaining the aim of the game. If you haven’t heard of the game before, Autonauts is a fun and colourful indie game. A violence-free colony management game in which you start off with a few basic resources, build some hardware and then build robots that help to automate the resource gathering and building.

Autonauts challenges you to colonise a planet and build a robot empire. These robots will do your drone work for you. You’ll use some simple programming logic like instructions and commands to control them and their behaviour.

As can be seen from the release trailer, you the player can program your helper robots to perform basic tasks like chopping down trees or finding stones to more complicated duties like baking pies, fishing, marshaling other robots and more. The main aim of the game will be to automate pretty much everything in the game.

If you’re into games where you need to automate everything like Satisfactory or Factorio, then you’ll probably be interested in having a look at Autonauts. Use your creativity and build a colony that you can call your own. Autonauts is currently listed at €19.99 but if you’re interested in it then nows the time to get it. It’ll be on a 20 percent discount for the first week.

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