A list has been released showcasing the countries that just love FIFA 23. And you won’t believe who cracked the Top 5. That’s right folks Ireland is one of those countries.

The study by independent online casino comparison service CasinoAlpha analysed Google Trends data of searches for the keyword “FIFA 23” in the last 12 months worldwide to discover which country has been searching the most for the freshly released game. You can actually see the list below and see where Ireland sits.

Top 10 countries where searches for FIFA 23 are the highest
1United Kingdom

A spokesperson for CasinoAlpha commented on the findings: “It is interesting how regardless of the analysis being conducted on a worldwide scale, the countries that are the most interested in the game are all Europeans. This is probably due to the sport’s popularity in the continent”.

I’m not a fan of FIFA 23 myself but I am so glad to see Ireland included in a list like this. Especially since we’re such a passionate audience when it comes to sports and sports games.

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