Mad Father

Let’s Talk About Mad Father Remake

Mad Father is back. I still cannot believe this slid under my radar. I was eyeing up this remake for a while, and oh my, I was excited. The fact that it hit Nintendo Switch makes it all that much sweeter. Let m...
Fight Crab

Fight Crab boils over onto Steam

Fight Crab, the clashing crustacean combat arena brawler from publisher PLAYISM and developer Nussoft, strikes Steams weak point for massive damage with its Windows PC launch. A Reddit AMA for the game is curre...

Feel the VR Rhythm with SOUNDART

SOUNDART, a surreal VR rhythm game using music libraries to generate levels, sets the stage for anyone to shine as the star of the show when developer MercuryStudio and publisher PLAYISM drop the beat on HTC Vi...