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Plenty of old school hip-hop, plenty of anime and plenty of absurdity. That is most likely the best way to describe Orangeblood. Developed by Grayfax Software and published by Playism. A turn-based RPG tactics game in which you play as Vanilla, a violence manager for a musician. Couldn’t just settle for being a regular manager for a musician. 

It’s No 8 Mile

The Orangeblood storyline can be totally bonkers at certain points on your musical journey.  Going from violence manger to CIA secret agent to a hired hitman you are truly given the runaround. Upon my first run through New Koza, the city the game is based in. It looked like there was so much to do with a busy city aesthetic. But as you play through the game and actually explore you start to see that the city is little more than a pretty shell. 

To keep you progressing on your journey you will do missions that progress the music in the game. The music is fantastic and really makes a good impression. However, there isn’t enough of them in the game to keep the game fresh. 

Orangeblood does give you the ability to take on side quests here and there. One of my favourites was actually at the beginning of the game. You are tasked with finding a lost dog and you when you find it, you keep it! I Obviously called my dog Dogo.

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A Tactical That’s Impractical?

One of the main issues I came across in the game was some enemies would have an amazing dodge rate and my guns would have poor accuracy. Thus leaving you in a state of constant missing and reloading as the enemy slowly scratches away at your health. This became a frustrating regular occurrence that I faced. Once you gain more character this issue will be mostly resolved but not completely.

Most of the battles don’t require an immense amount of strategy, it’s predominantly attack and wait for your skill attack to build up. Then spam that skill attack till you finish the battle. Enemies will respawn as soon as you leave an area so I suggest you scout out everything before you leave as you will have to battle the enemies again. You will find a large amount of loot but most of it will be useless. Every now and again you will find a good gun to help you progress.

The Orangeblood Outro

Orangeblood is by no means a big or long game compared to most JRPG standards. Roughly taking 9 hours to complete depending on your equipment drops and assuming you actually equip the best ones. New Koza is a deceivingly small city with little to do while the map does loop bustling with activities. The turn-based fights grow stale rather quickly as the hours go by. Great music coupled with great visuals but the story and dialogue truly fails to capture you in the experience. 

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