Until Dawn, the surprise slasher hit of the PS4 is coming to the PS5 and PC in a remade, enhanced edition this Autumn. Supermassive’s title made waves as a great example of choice-based storytelling as well as starring eerily realistic renditions of real actors. Hell, Rami Malek has won an Oscar since the original release! Brett Dalton, Hayden Panettiere and the legendary Peter Stormare also star via motion capture and voice acting. Will these celebrities survive a night being hunted by a crazed killer? Their fate is in your hands! 

This remake will be entirely rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 by Ballistic Moon. Improved animations and environments should add to the thrills and chills of the Until Dawn experience. The inconsistent frame rate of the PS4 version should be amended here as well, making for the definitive way to experience Until Dawn

An Autumn release window will hopefully mean that this title will be available for the Halloween season. I mean, that makes sense right? Combined with an upcoming film adaptation it’s clear that Sony have high hopes for this horror series, so hopefully a new game will follow at some point. For now, like the best horror films, let’s look forward to revisiting this.

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