Chapter 3: Why am I the asshole?

It’s time to tune into more on Anthem. I discover symbols for Matthias, which I guess will lead me to the quest line of the beta. He provides me with an amazing tip. “Look for a tower on a hill”. Great tip. It’s not like there aren’t many towers, hills or towers on hills. He also keeps going on about hiding in fungus. Yes, Matthias o get you are proud of that moment, but could you tell me anything else, I have heard this story now ten times…

I find my first blue item. Now all green items feel grey. I start scrapping everything in sight, that I dot need for my Ranger Javelin. I unlocked the storm, gave it a new paint job and put it back into the garage until I am ready. Enjoying the Ranger too much at this point in time.

Next, I am asked to find old friends. They seem to be at the hideout of a princess. Not Leah, sadly, and very grumpy and pushy. I eat the sack of a thing and seem to feel like puking. The Dominion attacks and Owen joins the fight in his own Javelin. Seeing that does not do much, he is doing alright. His Javelin goes down, but he is ok. Cannot heal, so story-driven. Kind of annoying.

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Next, we are in the Anthem version of an AT-AT talking and for no reason, I tear Owen a new one. Why am I suddenly an asshole? I have been the all is okay person in every other interaction. This turn of character makes little sense and is not acted out well enough to be “giving out because I am afraid that Owen gets hurt. I get the next blue weapon, a sniper rifle. Will keep that for another Javelin or maybe a mission will require it at some point?

I do another main mission which ends with an actual boss fight. Keep going down without knowing what hit me, but at least I am gifting 50xp to everyone who revived me. The giant goes down. We are victorious.

So it seems we are getting ready to go back to the heart of darkness. I would have thought that that will be the end of this game or some DLC, but sure why not go after this giants?

Steve, signing out

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