Assemble a practice of deadly doctors in Bio Inc. Nemesis who are out to sabotage their patients respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems before opposing physicians can practice preventative care. The operating team can use its energy to unleash myriad maladies including the notorious coronavirus and use talents to accelerate the infections and hinder the healers

Recruit and upgrade from a pool of more than 30 doctors who redefine the meaning of a lousy bedside manner. Deploy practitioners of alternative “medicine” and vaguely familiar faces such as Dr Condo, a murderous misanthrope. These quacks and their discrete talents are necessary to handle all the severe cases that hit the surgical table. Keep an eye out for cameos from notable personalities and holiday-themed patients rolling into the operating room!

Do the rounds across three campaigns that take these bad medics to strange new places and learn more about why these specialists are out to violate the Hippocratic Oath and inflict them with pathogens from pandemics from the past and present. Earn exclusive rewards by causing misery in recurring Events and Challenges. Show the world who’s the best at being the worst medical practitioner in the Arena mode, complete with a competitive ladder system.

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“People love infecting deadly diseases on digital patients in Bio Inc., so we had to listen to our fans requests and give them a campaign mode and ways to play against others said J-F Mitchell, President, DryGin Studios. Unlike the bad doctors in Bio Inc. Nemesis were here to keep our patients happy.”

Bio Inc. Nemesis is now available as a free download on Google Play, with support for English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese text. For more information on Bio Inc. Nemesis, visit the official Bio Inc. website, follow DryGin Studios on Twitter, and like Bio Inc. on Facebook.

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