RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone, the tabletop-inspired character battler RPG, begins raiding dungeons on the App Store and Google Play on January 18th. WIMO Games’ debut title, built by a creative staff consisting of former Vice Presidents and gaming industry veterans from companies including Electronic Arts, GREE, Zynga, and KingsIsle Entertainment, brings an adventuring party with tremendous experience to battle.

Goblin, Orcs and Elves oh my!

The once-thriving village of Whitestone is under siege by the Twilight Empire. This is an evil organization whose ranks include nefarious goblins, savage orcs, and cunning elves. Not a fun bunch. The only opposition is the brave wizards, warriors, and rogues. These heroes are drawn to the city in the hopes of honour, glory, and loot.

Rally an adventuring group from more than 60 heroes. Then advance in each adventure through a tabletop-game like arena. Roll dice to move across the board and trigger different scenarios, like engaging turn-based combat. Create a balanced party by equipping unique dice to every character then upgrading their dice, skills and items to create an unstoppable team.

Traversing the board offers more than just combat options. Players will encounter tiles with NPC conversations to progress the story, tiles to complete quests or gain new ones, and chest tiles that offer up epic loot and equippable gear. The Blacksmith can arm heroes with better tools while the Greedy Goblin will steal the items needed to fight the Twilight Empire.

Players can face numerous challenges in RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone

Face the ultimate challenge: other people! PVP battles offer great rewards and a ranked progression system with online leaderboards. Form a guild to slay the deadly Swine Chief through the teamwork of many warriors. When the guild is strong enough, raid the Ziggurat, an endgame dungeon featuring the deadliest enemies in the game, and the most epic loot.

Potential saviours of Whitestone can prepare for their adventure by pre-registering on the App Store and Google Play. This will help the community unlock a variety of valuable rewards. This loot includes the Uncommon Rank 2 Combat Die, Rare Rank 3 Rogue Gloves, Rare Rank 3 Warrior Weapon Nightsteel Mace and the Verdant Doublet, an Epic Rank 4 Caster Chest Armour. With enough pre-registrations leading up to launch, warriors can earn the Orc Warrior Hero Thokrug.

“We loved the worlds we adventured through in tabletop RPGs growing up, said Dave Rosen, CEO, WIMO Games. RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone, is our love letter to those games and we’re excited for players to experience that letter on iOS and Android.”

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