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The Witcher subreddit was the scene of this latest furore.

User “badfortheenvironment” happened upon two scenes written for casting auditions for the upcoming Netflix series. Scene one features Geralt and Yennefer seemingly getting dressed up in uncomfortable formal attire. Much to the chagrin of the White Wolf. Whereas the second scene sees Yennefer interacting with an unnamed king, and closes with a lengthy monologue from Yennefer. You can read the full scripts here.

Clearly we can thus interpret this script as a casting tool for potential Yennefers, given that her part makes up the bulk of dialogue. Show frontrunner Lauren S. Hissrich was quick to tweet out a response. Saying this:

I’ve developed quite the relationship with Lauren over the past few months, covering every aspect of The Witcher series to date. Almost feels like we’re old work pals at this stage. As is her character, Hissrich was wont to add a personal touch to this story:

Reddit user, and apparent guru on all things The Witcher, badfortheenvironment, noted a connection between the dialogues, and the series lore. Geralt and Yennefer are, during their conversation, referencing the conclave at Thanedd. Series fans seem genuinely excited by this new development, especially with the script sticking to lore, and having the principle characters in a role we’re familiar with. Give the nature of all things internet, expect more leaks in the coming days/weeks! GamEir will be on hand when it happens!


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