Cork native Will Sliney has started up a gaming channel on Twitch. Will has started this channel to enjoy the games of his childhood which clearly influenced his career. On the pilot episode of Game or Draw he plays the retro nightmare that is Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge.

While tackling this retro classic Will also show’s off his impeccable skills of sketching. His subject this episode? Spider-Man.

Fans of Will’s will recognise his style from his work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man and his excellent run on Spider-Man 2099 where he got to design the new 2099 suit.

What I found fascinating about Will’s video is that he goes into the detail of building the frame of his characters. While he clearly has a tough time with the game (sorry Will lol) he gives a masterclass in drawing. With further episodes, I believe this could become a channel for Irish artists/gamers looking for something different.

Check out Draw or Game and be sure to subscribe to both the YouTube and Twitch channels.

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