GamEir was on hand at Dublin Games Festival 2018 in the RDS, checking out the local Indie gaming talent. And what a group of hot tasty young devs we found!

Indie Island Interviews

They were a bunch of absolute dreamboats! They’re also all working on some very interesting and unique games. Which is just how we like our indie talent.

Of all the titles at the “Indie Island” in Dublin Games Festival 2018, Nik Kemski’s Arc Savior was the most visually impressive. A 3D space shooter, with a retro feel, Arc Savior excited us with its tasty explosions and dazzling particle effects.

Here are the details you need to know:

  • Experience all six degrees of blazing fast dog fighting!
  • Defend against invasion, plague, rebellion and more through 15 heart-pounding levels of space combat and discovery.
  • Immerse yourself in three epic storylines, all building to a central discovery!
  • Battle a fleet of aggressive fighters, from nimble scouts to capital class behemoths
  • Choose from a variety of ships all with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Experience beautiful space environments, from asteroid fields, massive space stations, badlands, nebula, mining colonies, and warp field tunnels!
  • Customize your ship with an array of advanced weaponry and tech.
  • Fly your ship the way you need to! Experience every moment in the cockpit or from a 3rd person view.

Promising 15 levels broken up into 3 separate story arcs, find out more about Arc Savior at or follow @squidmonkeystud on Twitter. Stay tuned to GamEir for more coverage of Dublin Games Festival all thanks to Brian Geraghty.

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