So games and accessories are made for children, right? So why don’t we hear from them? That was my thought process when the Snakebyte Tough:Kit for the Nintendo Switch arrived at my door.

I don’t have a Nintendo Switch and the other writers in GamEir were interested but we came up with a novel and informative way to bring the true understanding of how important a product like the Tough:Kit is.

Let me set the stage – My young nephew Kellan recently accidentally dropped his Switch down the stairs and he was terrified for its safety. This young man was worried that all had been lost in that brief moment. Luckily everything was alright. So I decided that he should test it out himself. There are various reasons why I did it 1. He’s the target demographic 2. He’s honest and highly intelligent 3. I was worried it might happen again so I wanted him to have the Tough:Kit.

So check out his thoughts below and see what you think.

The Tough Truths of the Tough:Kit

I thought at first it was…Well, this is what I think of it now.

The Bad News first

  • Hard to take off – Have to take it off to use Joy-Cons separately
  • Cracked Screen Protector (It arrived broken)
  • Difficulty turning off (For those of you people who don’t know you can use the HOME button)

The Good News

  • Tough
  • Overall design
  • Easily accessible charging
  • The Joy Con Stick Covers. Yeah I enjoy this cover it takes a bit to get the hang of it and it’s great! I think its harder to play games on but very durable I give this:


So there it is ladies and gentlemen. The precise, unbiased thought process of a 9-year-old. Let us know in the comments below what you thought of Kellans impressions of the Tough:Kit and if his thoughts swayed you to pick up one for the gamer(s) in your life.



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