Warning, spoilers ahead for the plot of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Come back once you’ve finished this awards-worthy title.

This past Christmas I was gifted Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to swing around New York again with my Spider-Men. This time around our webbed wonders have to take on a dangerous threat in the form of Kraven the Hunter, who is radically shaking up the status quo of New York City. And then waiting in the shadows is the terrifying Venom who has been given a tragic new lease on life in this latest iteration of the infamous alien.

Now the gameplay is pretty much the same as the previous two entries in the series. It is dumbed down because there are far fewer gadgets to utilise. It’s a shame because it added an interesting layer of strategic combat to the game. On top of that, there is a sense of repetition with the combat. It’s an unfortunate sin when you stick to a formula that works. And as the game progressed, I looked forward to the incredible storytelling, not the gameplay.

The story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is spectacular. It’s about accepting your limitations, moving on and not letting your past weigh you down. It’s a timely story for this generation that is trying to juggle everything at once, we’re a generation that ignores our own mental and physical health to try and achieve something.

A familiar Venom, a new tragedy

Personifying that is Venom itself. Fueled by rage, resentment and giving in to all those negative thoughts, Venom in this iteration is so tragic. Taking advantage of two young men who are at vulnerable points in their lives, both trying to achieve something and be positive forces in the world, Venom is what happens when a person pushes themselves too far.

Watching the journey of Peter and Harry is incredibly tragic and bittersweet. This is further compounded by Yuri Lowenthal and Graham Phillips’ emotional acting. Their relationship is familiar and authentic and I loved every moment getting to know Harry Osborn.

Then there is Miles and MJ who are given so much to do. Much like Peter and Harry, both Miles and MJ have relatable journeys within the game. Watching their stories unfold is thoroughly engaging. Miles’ story about dealing with his past and trying to move on is told well. He struggles, as many would, but unlike the other characters around him, he rises above it and becomes his own saviour.

The darkhorse though is MJ. She’s given just enough story that you’re engaged and you hear throughout the story about what she is going through. This all comes to a head when she is bonded with her own symbiote and gets to vent in such a messy way. There is a disturbing edge to it though. Much like when Peter and Harry are bonded to their respective symbiote, there is a core of truth to this venomous attitude.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and its fully realised world

It’s these storylines, as well as the subplots within Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 involving other iconic Spidey characters that make this maybe one of the best bingeable series that never was. I could easily binge this story and I say this because it is structured so well. It’s filled with charming and memorable characters, with actors giving compelling performances. It’s also not afraid to flip our expectations. I know I was surprised several times throughout my playthrough.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a great game. It’s fun to traverse New York City, fight the baddies and save the day. As a story told across ten episodes this could be one of the best experiences in television.

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