Uncharted Territory

We live in a strange time gamers. If a big enough name shows passion in a property they can get that property made. For example, Ryan Reynolds after years of turmoil finally got Deadpool made. This has lead to a deluge of actors trying to have their own “passion” projects.

The part of this that is strange is that when it comes to video games translating to film or any other corner of media they rarely pay off. One of the exceptions is the Mortal Kombat: Legacy which had a high pedigree of talent in it in my opinion (a particular highlight is when Liu Kang and Shang Tsung meet). They, unfortunately, die down though especially when films like Warcraft don’t live up to the box office potential (I loved it by the way). There will always be hopes and dreams and this is where Nathan Fillion comes in with his Uncharted film.

For many years Nathan Fillion’s name has been thrown around when Uncharted film rumours surface. He’s one of those actors that is associated with several characters. His name is thrown around with Nathan Drake as well as Hal Jordan but he’s never got the chance to play either in a live action fashion. With Hal Jordan, he did eventually get to play the iconic Green Lantern in animated form but never further than that.

Now in 2018 with a supposed live-action film of Uncharted coming out starring Tom Holland as young Nathan Drake people began to wonder who would play the seasoned Nathan. No news has come since so it’s still up in the air. Enter Nathan Fillion who is a part of an intimate cast that gives us a 15-minute glimpse into another adventure with Nathan.

What I got out of the film is that its creators clearly understand the source material. The action feels lifted out of the game and it’s impressive if somewhat amateurish. The dialogue is decent if a little hoaky but other than that the short film is a wonderful love letter to the character and the world he lives in. It even fits snuggly in the canon to allow for Nathan Fillion’s age.

Check out the film below and leave your own thoughts about what you think of it. Maybe with the success and fan fervour this film is receiving we’ll see live action interpretations of characters like Sam Drake, Chloe, and even Nadine. Is this the beginning of a fresh new adventure for Nathan Fillion and Nathan Drake, personally I hope so.

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