Well, it’s finally here. After 18 months of covering Netflix’s The Witcher, and a beefy 16 articles dedicated to this one subject, we finally have our release date. Netflix’s The Witcher series will drop on December 20th. That will be all 8 episodes available to view at your leisure. Along with this fantastic news, we also got a new, action-packed, trailer! This is the second full trailer for the series and introduces several key locations and characters for season one. More importantly, we get to hear gravel-toned Cavill give all the gravitas he can muster to Geralt. And by Jove, he nails it.

The main characters featured throughout the trailer are Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), and Geralt (Henry Cavill). We see Geralt wield silver and steel swords slaying beast and man alike. There is a quick glimpse of a ghoul, and Geralt uses the Aard sign on a bunch of goons.

Although the series will be based exclusively on Andrzej Sapkowskis books, there is one massive nod to the games. It involves a bathtub… The white wolf is also seen knocking back a potion or two, and we gain more information about his relationship to Cirilla, and Renfri. Princess Renfri is a key character in the short story “The Last Wish”, and features in the trailer dueling Geralt. It’s important to note here for those unfamiliar with the books, if you look into these characters, you may well spoil the series for yourself. I endeavor at all times not to divulge any spoilers, so character details will remain slim!

In The Witcher, Evil is evil…

Yennefer and Ciri are featured with regards to Geralt. We witness Geralt and Yennefer’s first encounter together, and if you observe closely in the background of that scene… Given that Yennefer is, of course, a sorceress, her powers do feature towards the trailer’s end. Actress Anya Chalotra seems to delight in Yennefer’s all-encompassing confidence; her laugh belies a self-assuredness that would make a mountain lion purr like a kitten. Ciri’s background is further established, and her panicked flight to find Geralt is highlighted, as well as his reluctance to try and protect her.

Other characters shown, albeit briefly, include Mousesack (Adam Levy), and Jaskier aka Dandelion (Joey Bates). Delightfully we get a nice interaction between Geralt and Roach. There can never be too much Roach! Locations shown include the Isle of Thanedd, Vizima, and Cintra. All are very notable for different reasons, but can’t really be explored without spoilers. Thanedd is traditionally the place where sorceresses such as Yennefer get their training. Vizima features in the short story “The Witcher”, whereby the king enlists Geralt’s help with a striga problem.

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