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Cat Quest II is the follow up to the charming action-adventure game Cat Quest. Did the Gentlebros manager to create a red dot full of adventure or hog up a big hairy furball? Steve put on his cat ears and meowed his way through this game.

Cat Quest II is not a direct sequel but does include some references to the first game. So, you do not have to go into a dark alley to find and finish the first game. It wouldn’t hurt to play it either, because I fairly enjoyed the Cat Quest.

The biggest difference is that you now have a companion, who is a dog. I actually let my wife play the cat and I was the dog. By let I mean of course, she informed me which character she would play. You can play the game singleplayer and control both characters. Seeing that both characters can have varying setups, it may be a good idea to play around with. A good mix of abilities was our way to go.

Claws out

The mechanics of the game are basically a hack and slash game. You explore the world and dungeons. Every enemy you see needs to be taken out swiftly, like the favourite vase of your wife on a windowsill. Of course, treasure is around every corner. Loot, loot, loot, as they say. The controls are very precise and responsive. Similar to a cat climbing on your drapes, you always feel in control of the action. You have one attack and one dodge button. The enemies do indicate quite obviously when to dodge their attacks. Like a cat that is about to be washed in the shower. You only get hit, if you don’t pay attention. Passive skills, like electrocuting enemies when rolling through them, add a nice variety into the mix.

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Cat cuteness

The overall look of the game may not be everyone’s catnip. Cartoon graphics and top-down are a very particular choice. I for one did enjoy the cute look of the world, characters, and enemies. Even the difference of how gear looks on each character gives this world a certain logic. Cat Quest II comes pretty addictively straight away. No matter if you are doing a main- or side-quest. That “one more quest” feeling is always there. Overall I cannot recommend Cat Quest II any higher, especially if you have a friend or partner available.

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