Publisher SOEDESCO announced a new original IP: AereA. The first game in the AereA-series is in development under the SOEDESCO brand and will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

Adam’s Venture: Origins was the first IP released under the SOEDESCO brand. With AereA, the publisher adds an exciting new brand to its portfolio. The first title in the AereA-series is a music-themed action RPG in which the player goes on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the broken world of Aezir.

The announcement trailer is brief but effective giving us a tease of the world the team at SOEDESCO has created. We see the hero in what looks like multiple costumes as well as the villain who looks decidedly ominous with his long flowing cape and fearsome mask. The score was suitably emotive and gave off an air of relaxation and adventure.

Hans van Brakel of SOEDESCO about the announcement: “Our strategy is to combine the publishing of third party games with first party titles. The AereA-IP is the next step in building a strong portfolio and a great addition to our 2017 line-up.”

The first game in the AereA-series is under development by Triangle Studios. Be sure and check out the Steam page and the official website to learn more about AereA and stay with GamEir over the coming months to stay up to date.

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