An anonymous source on 4chan has released details of a supposed new Superman game. The poster claims to have knowledge of an open world game in development by Rocksteady Games. You may note that Rocksteady were at the helm of the much beloved Batman Arkham series.

There was a similar rumour to this last November which turned out to be false. Take that, plus 4chan not being the most reliable source available, and you might have reason to be skeptical. However, the poster did post some very interesting details, fake or not:

  • Made by Rocksteady
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Big open world Metropolis (about 3 times the size of Arkham Knight with a lot more buildings)
  • Can’t play as Clark Kent
  • The main villain is Brainiac
  • Nerfed Superman (TAS Levels)
  • Semi-destructible environments(think AK, no buildings are falling over)
  • Combat system integrates the flying (kind of like DBZ, you can punch someone then zoom towards them and repeat)
  • Set within the Arkhamverse
  • Tons of easter eggs to Superman’s lore, and some to the events that took place in the Batman Arkham Franchise

Trust Issues

The poster then goes on to claim that this new Superman title will be officially announced a few weeks before E3, with a trailer being shown at that event. The E3 gaming expo takes place June 12-14, so that announcement should drop anytime soon. Rocksteady’s head of marketing, Gaz Deaves, did claim in October last that the studio was working on something mind-blowing. This is leading Superman fans to put two and two together and make open world Superman. Take it all with a pinch of salt, however, but at least we don’t have too long to wait until this rumour is either confirmed or debunked.

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