“WOW! What an outstanding show!!”… That’s exactly what I would be saying, if the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 wasn’t a bit of a snooze fest. It is great, that we have a PC gaming show; the PCMR went unrepresented for too long. However, while everything about the show was well done; presentation, games, information, there was just something lacking. Maybe it was a lack of Jon Bernthal, with a dog. Possibly they need to squeeze more humour into their slot. But for a two hour show, half of it seemed readily unnecessary.

Consequently it was a difficult watch, and I found myself distracted far too often. There was plenty of solid gaming content presented, but we could probably count the standouts on one hand. The problem is this: All of E3s biggest games so far(for the most part), are also coming to PC, but their moments were saved for other shows. Elden Ring, Watch Dogs Legion, Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, Jedi: Fallen Order, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the list goes on. Yet none were given time at the PC Gaming Show. A shame really, as it left but a few titles to excite the crowd in attendance.

Here then, in no particular order, are the best games shown at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019.

El Hijo

El Hijo was billed as a “spaghetti western stealth game”, and is being developed by Honig Studios. The game sees players control the titular “Hijo” (boy), as you try to escape a monastery and find your mother. Use your toys, tricks, and wits to evade the monks, and strive for freedom. The art style is absolutely beautiful, and we can see some nifty stealth mechanics in the trailer. Compounded to this, there seems to be an emotional depth to the narrative that we can uncover through play.

Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments, the guys behind Jurassic World: Evolution, and Planet Coaster, bring us this new IP. As you can imagine, Planet Zoo involves building the best damn Zoo in the universe. The trailer shows off a multitude of animal inhabitants, in various environments. This type of management sim is now a major strength of Frontier, and Planet Zoo should maintain that excellent pedigree. Planet Zoo is PC exclusive, and is set to release November 5th 2019.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines II

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines was first released in 2004. That’s a massive gap for a sequel to follow, and plenty has changed in video games since then. So how will this new iteration fit among modern titles? Well, imagine this as Deus Ex, but with vampires.  There are different vampire factions operating in modern day Seattle, where the player awakes as a “Thinblood”. You can make, or break, alliances, manage political relationships, and, above all, quench that ever growing thirst. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is now available for pre-order, and “features reactive storytelling, fast-paced combat, and compelling characters with their own hidden motives.”

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Another sequel to a noughties classic, although this one is a bit lighter in tone. Evil Genius 2: World Domination is an RTS with a twist: players are the villian. To be more specific, mega-villain. You plaay one of a number of baddies, building up your base, and hatching nefarious plots. In addition, you will have to prevent James Bond type spies from thwarting your plans. It looks ace, and the comedy prospects alone make it one to watch. You can sign up here for Beta Access, and the full game will be released early 2020.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Larian Studios CEO Swen Vincke and Wizards of the Coast Creative Director Mike Mearls were on stage for the PC Gaming Show to divulge what they could about Baldur’s Gate 3. The announcement of this classic RPG only occured last week. Having Larian Studios as developers should allay any trepidation from the fans. They being the folk responsible for the excellent Divinity: Original Sin games. Baldur’s Gate 3 comes over 20 years after the first two, and is set a century after their events. A CRPG  franchise in the truest sense, Baldur’s Gate is known for it’s deep lore, gripping story-telling, and interesting characters. There is no release date as of yet.

The rest of the pack

Of course there are numerous other quality titles to anticipate, and what didn’t really grip me, could well suit you. Here’s a glance at the rest of them:

  • Maneater – This is not a game where you play a feisty rich cougar in modern day new York, prowling on handsome young men, and having your wicked way with them. Nor is it a Nelly Furtado song. Thankfully. No, instead, you play a shark. Awesome. You eat to get bigger and stronger, and the games principle antagonist is a fisherman who plays air guitar with his fish. Trailer here!
  • Telling Lies – Creator of Her Story, Sam Barlow was on hand to speak about this new project. Telling Lies involves watching over 10 hours of recorded footage, and attempting to decipher the truth from a bunch of spies. Billed as an investigative thriller, Telling Lies features over 30 actors in FMV. Telling Lies is due out later this year. Trailer here!
  • Warframe: Empyrean – This new Warframe expansion will see players take the fight to space! Rebecca Ford from developer Digital Extremes revealed the news at the PC Gaming Show. Full details will be announced at TennoCon on July 6th. Trailer here!

Ultimately, there were some great titles shown, and I will be definitely playing at least 3 or 4 of these games I’ve listed. For the rest of them, you can check out the full show on YouTube here. Let us know what you thought. Any games that I missed, any titles you will pre-order, or was the show a complete bust for you?

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