I was recently on Twitter when I happened across a tweet about these fascinating electronic dice. Being created by System Games, LLC with a Kickstarter campaign set to start later in the year sometime around June. These electronic dice are known as Pixels and there is a lot to love about them.

For example:

  • FULL RGB – Pixels use ultra-bright RGB LEDs which can be controlled in unison or individually. Have your Pixel light-up bright red for a failed roll, or use an animated rainbow for a crit, it’s up to you!
  • EXCELLENT BALANCE – Pixels are specifically made to have a uniform density throughout, making them well balanced despite their complex insides.
  • BLUETOOTH – Of course the dice use Bluetooth to communicate with the app on your phone. This means you will also be able to use the dice in new interesting experiences or even create your own. If you are at all interested in some of the technical stuff, feel free to check out the project’s Hackaday page.


There are many more details to love about Pixels and if this article interested you be sure and follow the team on their Twitter account and their official website. I know I’ll be picking these up once they become available.

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