Pokéfans get excited because big news has hit. From the 17th–19th of November, Pokémon players, and fans from around the globe will head to London’s ExCeL for the 2018 season Pokémon Europe International Championships. Registration for this major event is now open here for those who want to battle for glory, Championship Points and other prizes in either Pokémon TCG or video game competitions.

Pokémon Europe International Championships

The Europe International Championships will also offer Pokémon TCG players the option to include cards from the recently released Shining Legends expansion in their decks, as the expansion will be tournament legal for the first time at an International Championships.

To get a flavour of what to expect next month check out the trailer below and prepare yourselves:

Watching this video all I could think was how awesome it was to see all those smiling faces, from young kids to fully grown adults Pokémon in all shapes and sizes has touched so many people in so many powerful ways.

Alongside Masters, Senior and Junior Division competitions, a series of side events aimed at more casual players will be available to enter on the 18th–19th of November. More details about these side events will be provided in the coming weeks so be sure to come back to GamEir for all your Pokémon needs.

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