It’s a bright shiny day and to celebrate Steve and Graham are staying in to talk about everything they hope for on the latest episode of Speakin’ Geek. After last week’s episode that was unfortunately filled with a certain level of hostility, the lads decided to talk about the more nuanced aspect of entertainment we love, novels.

Steve discusses his excitement for the upcoming adaptation of Ernest Clines bestselling novel Ready Player One which is being helmed by Stephen Spielberg. Graham dreams of a day when Robert Jordan’s masterpiece The Wheel of Time series will finally be brought to the live action stage. They discuss the many successful book adaptations, and Steve lists the possibly longer list of less successful adaptations. It’s all fun and games but don’t worry dear listeners the lads still have some cynicism left in them as they chat about the less than stellar E3 conference this year. Even there, however, our audio heroes find hope as they delve into the depths of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Spider-Man, and Hellblade just some of the games they’re looking forward to in the future.

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